After six years of research and three years of work, it is finished

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I am still a bit numb after finally finishing my article “What Do the Gentiles Have To Do With ‘All Israel’? A Fresh Look at Rom 11:25-27,” the first piece in a radical reexamination of Paul’s Gospel and its apocalyptic assumptions and implications. The whole project started with work for a term paper on Jeremiah in the spring of 2003 that opened my eyes to Paul’s use of Jeremiah material and has been my academic obsession ever since. I’ll be sending the paper out later this week; now I can finally get caught up on the things I’m actually supposed to be doing for this semester (which should be my last in coursework, thank God!). The next major projects are finishing an article on Romans 2 (the next piece in the larger project), an article on 4Q372 1, and then maybe revisiting an old paper on Luke 15. But before then, term papers in Text Criticism and 2 Corinthians, as well as a project for another class.

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Romans 2 Paper Accepted for SBL Annual Meeting in New Orleans