“‘Lord LORD: Jesus as YHWH in Matthew and Luke” Article Accepted to NTS


I’m pleased to pass along the news that my article, “‘Lord LORD: Jesus as YHWH in Matthew and Luke,” has been accepted for publication in New Testament Studies. The article abstract is as follows: Despite numerous studies of the κύριος [Lord] title in the New Testament, the significance of the double form κύριε κύριε occurring in […]


Review of Raw Revelation by Mark Roncace

Raw Revelation Cover

To paraphrase John Cleese, “and now for something completely overdue.” A couple years ago I was sent a copy of Mark Roncace’s book, Raw Revelation: The Bible They Never Tell You About for review on this blog, with the understanding that it might take a little while for me to post a review since I was working […]


New Article Published: “Altered Because of Transgressions? The ‘Law of Deeds’ in Gal 3,19a”

The latest edition of Zeitschrift für die neutestamentliche Wissenschaft has just been published, containing my latest article: “Altered Because of Transgressions? The ‘Law of Deeds’ in Gal 3,19a.” The article examines the textual variants of Galatians 3:19a, particularly an intriguing example that may suggest the scribe of P46 was influenced by a Latin reading. The link (regrettably behind […]


Unity and Diversity – Categorizing Decentralized Common Identity

As I’ve worked through my dissertation, which frequently deals with fuzzy second-level categories, I keep coming across a common problem: So much scholarship seems to have an exceedingly difficult time handling the concept of decentralized but common identity. We have categories for (essentialist) top-down hierarchies and their opposite, seemingly infinite diversity (e.g., the propensity to pluralize everything: […]


Big Names in Biblical Studies: On Precise Ngrams and Search Engine Syntax


A couple weeks ago, Robert Myles responded to a few recent discussions about the next big thing in biblical studies with an Ngram looking at the relative popularity of recent scholars associated with Historical Jesus research: Check out this very insightful N-Gram on the relative popularity of a number of historical Jesus scholars over the past […]