Review of Raw Revelation by Mark Roncace

Raw Revelation Cover

To paraphrase John Cleese, “and now for something completely overdue.” A couple years ago I was sent a copy of Mark Roncace’s book, Raw Revelation: The Bible They Never Tell You About for review on this blog, with the understanding that it might take a little while for me to post a review since I was working […]


New Article Published: “Altered Because of Transgressions? The ‘Law of Deeds’ in Gal 3,19a”

The latest edition of Zeitschrift für die neutestamentliche Wissenschaft has just been published, containing my latest article: “Altered Because of Transgressions? The ‘Law of Deeds’ in Gal 3,19a.” The article examines the textual variants of Galatians 3:19a, particularly an intriguing example that may suggest the scribe of P46 was influenced by a Latin reading. The link (regrettably behind […]


Unity and Diversity – Categorizing Decentralized Common Identity

As I’ve worked through my dissertation, which frequently deals with fuzzy second-level categories, I keep coming across a common problem: So much scholarship seems to have an exceedingly difficult time handling the concept of decentralized but common identity. We have categories for (essentialist) top-down hierarchies and their opposite, seemingly infinite diversity (e.g., the propensity to pluralize everything: […]


Big Names in Biblical Studies: On Precise Ngrams and Search Engine Syntax


A couple weeks ago, Robert Myles responded to a few recent discussions about the next big thing in biblical studies with an Ngram looking at the relative popularity of recent scholars associated with Historical Jesus research: Check out this very insightful N-Gram on the relative popularity of a number of historical Jesus scholars over the past […]


Hobby Lobby Ruling No Surprise, Highlights Real Solutions

The US Supreme Court’s decision on Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby announced on Monday produced predictable joy and angst from those on the political poles, but I must confess to some surprise at how many seem either surprised at the result or find the decision somehow innovative. Part of the problem is that this case has […]