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First of all, thanks to my readers, as this blog was a Top 50 Biblioblog last month for the first time, squeaking into the 50th spot (moving up over 110 spots in two months). Unfortunately, this must have demonstrated a major flaw in the rankings system or some other such problem, as Jim West has now passed on the news that the Top 50 Biblioblog rankings are no more. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Here’s hoping that the demise of the Top 50 (though Jim West has made it clear that the site itself will remain, it’s just the rankings from which the site drew its name that will be gone) marks the return of NT Wrong. (See also: NT Blog, The Busybody, Kata Ta Biblia, Hypotyposeis).

*UPDATE* Apparently, they found a way to make sure the top 50 rankings could continue (at least for a while) without my inclusion (which would obviously devalue the rankings); instead of a monthly list, biblioblogs will now be ranked every six months. Thus, by shifting the rankings to a lengthier time period, I could be kept out longer. No word on what they’ll do if I make the top 50 in June…

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