Huge News from Science: Human Desires Are Not Moral

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Well, I’m glad science cleared that up for us. According to a recent TED talk by psychologist Christopher Ryan (and as reported by the Mail Online), monogamy is not biologically natural for human beings, male or female—it’s not genetically hardwired! All this time I thought I got married because I was biologically predisposed to reduce my sexual options to one person for the rest of our lives. But now I know better: apparently human urges are not always in line with moral strictures or social structures, which actually impose an outside order upon our biological/genetic predispositions.

Of course, since whatever is (biologically) natural is good, this means we should all move towards sexual promiscuity and away from the shackles foisted on us by society and morality, right?

To be fair, Ryan himself doesn’t actually take that perspective on ethics and puts a nice caveat at the end of the video, but the way the Mail Online presents his talk is quite suggestive of just that sort of breathless, “Omigod! We’re predisposed towards promiscuity but have been fooled by society into thinking otherwise!” perspective. At any rate, the idea that human beings might have immoral urges natural to their biological predispositions is positively shocking.

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  • I feel like you’re drastically oversimplifying the subject..

  • Boy o boy…what would we have done had they not told us that?

    Somebody (or more than one) probably got paid a lot of our tax dollars to come up with that grand revelation.

  • Well, now you know Jason!…I am sure your wife(I think you said you are married) will be thrilled. We can all chuck two thousand years of that terrible Chr. Restraint!…oh wait; hmmm I have been following that Biblical injunction for 48 years and it has worked quite well…wow, maybe God really does know what He is doing!…:):)….hey enjoying your comments I am finding here and there…God Bless! Jim C.

  • I highly doubt this is actually true, they are comparing chimps with humans, and claiming that since chimps are promiscuous and have similar DNA similarities with humans, then humans are promiscuous. This study presupposes that evolution is true in order to come to this conclusion.

    • I don’t think one has to presupposed evolution to see that human beings naturally tend towards promiscuity. Just look around.

      The point of the post is that this “discovery” only tells us what we’ve already known for millennia: human nature and morality are often at odds.

      • Of course, sinful human nature is the result of Adam’s sin. However, the research was done on primates and other animals, not humans, it is clear that they are using evolution as a guideline to determine that humans are naturally polygamous. Also, what i meant by that post is that original human nature is not promiscuous, only Adam’s sin caused it to be.


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