Sandmel on Cross-Fertilization and the SBL

Sandmel on Cross-Fertilization and the SBL

Thought this quote from Sandmel (from his famous “Parallelomania”) was worth looking at again:

Two hundred years ago Christians and Jews and Roman Catholics and Protestants seldom read each other’s books, and almost never met together to exchange views and opinions on academic matters related to religious documents. Even a hundred years ago such cross-fertilization or meeting was rare. In our ninety- seventh meeting we take it as a norm for us to read each other’s writings and to meet together, debate with each other, and agree or disagree with each other in small or large matters of scholarship. The legacy from past centuries, of misunderstanding and even of animosity, has all but been dissolved in the framework of our organization. Would that humanity at large could achieve what has been achieved in our Society.

It really is amazing when one thinks about it.

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  • Jason B. Hood
    Posted at 13:58h, 22 June Reply

    Seems to me this is a great response to Roland Hendel’s comments in BAR. You should write a reply, Jason, using this quote as a launching pad.

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