On to SBL 2010, Presentation on Monday

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I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning for Atlanta for SBL 2010. I’ll be presenting in the Synoptic Gospels Section at 4pm on Monday; the title is “Lord LORD! Jesus’ Use of the Divine Name in the Synoptics.”

I always enjoy these conferences—more every year, as more of my friends within the field get spread across the country, making this as much a reunion as a conference. This year is a little different from most, as I’ll be staying on an air matress with my sister and brother-in-law, who live in Midtown, and the whole conference will be under the shadow of my impending preliminary exams, meaning I’ll be using most of my down time to study for said exams rather than hanging out in the book exhibit, spending a lot of time in other sections, or hitting the downtown area. I will, however, be tweeting the conference as last year, using the #SBL10 hashtag.

Oh, and I still haven’t written that paper I’m supposed to be presenting. So yeah, these next few weeks are going to be a blitz.

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  • Hey Jason, Do you think you could post your paper for the SBL confrence ” Jesus use of the Divine name in the Synoptics”. i think it is a fascinating topic and would love to read it and hear your conclusions, Peace.

  • […] Journal of Religion and Film, taught an intermediate-level course on the Historical Jesus at UNC, presented at SBL in Atlanta, and took (and passed!) all my preliminary exams. (My wife is also graduating this semester with […]


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