New Article Published: “Altered Because of Transgressions? The ‘Law of Deeds’ in Gal 3,19a”

Categories: Biblical Studies, New Testament

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The latest edition of Zeitschrift für die neutestamentliche Wissenschaft has just been published, containing my latest article: “Altered Because of Transgressions? The ‘Law of Deeds’ in Gal 3,19a.” The article examines the textual variants of Galatians 3:19a, particularly an intriguing example that may suggest the scribe of P46 was influenced by a Latin reading. The link (regrettably behind a paywall for those without institutional subscriptions) is here:


Tags: Biblical Studies, Christianity, Galatians, New Testament, Paul, Textual Criticism

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  • What is a proper balanced view point to wanting to read articles published in journals, but the prices become prohibitive (at least for me)? What does the $45.00 pay for? For instance I want to produce music and Spotify pays like0.002 cents per listen…. guess I need to make things that are needed.

    • The $45 goes to the company that runs the academic journal with nothing coming to the authors (who do not get paid for academic journal articles). More info on that can be found here. Generally, it’s best to find the author of a given article and ask for the article to be emailed to you rather than paying the astronomical prices to obtain an article.

  • Lynn Comstock
    April 20, 2020 2:46 am

    I would like a copy.

  • I’d like a copy of the article please…

  • I request the copy of the article, please.


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