Article on Galatians 3:19a Accepted to ZNW

Categories: Biblical Studies, Early Christianity, New Testament

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I’m pleased to pass along the news that my article, “Altered Because of Transgressions? The ‘Law of Deeds’ in Gal 3:19a,” has been accepted for publication in the first 2015 edition of Zeitschrift für die Neutestamentliche Wissenschaft. Following is the article abstract:

Although the textual variants of Gal 3,19a have typically been dismissed as the result of inattentive copyists, one variant appears to be an orthodox corruption aimed at eliminating Marcionite and other demiurgic interpretations as well as an intriguing example of a Latin harmonization influencing P46 and other early Greek witnesses. This variant is thus valuable for its illumination of the doctrinal battles over Paul in this early period and its implications about Latin influence at a very early stage of textual transmission.

Tags: Bible, Biblical Studies, Christianity, Early Christianity, Galatians, New Testament, Paul, Textual Criticism

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